Why Luftonic Air Purifiers are a favorite amongst Doctors and COOs

Why Luftonic Air Purifiers are a favorite amongst Doctors and COOs

Published by Inquirer.net - August 7, 2020 - 11:00am

The purchasing behavior of customers has radically shifted since the start of 2020. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, people have traded luxuries and indulgences for security and protection. Now, more than ever, people are prioritizing their health and investing in their homes, turning them into a fortress safe from viruses and bacteria. Shoe disinfectants, face masks, and washing your hands are the first line of defence. Constantly maintaining your home’s air quality free from viruses and bacteria is another topic.

Indoor air quality can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution because contained areas enable harmful pollutants to build up constantly more than open spaces do. Chemical disinfectant sprays are nice but they’re not consistent, air purifiers are where it’s at. While there is an uprise of air purifiers in the market, you can never be too sure of the quality and effectiveness, especially those from random online shops. An Air Purifier is an investment and a promise towards better health and you should never scrimp on that. There is no substitute for giving your family and those around you better air quality, free from viruses and bacteria.

From the creators of the world’s best air purification solutions, Luftonic’s future-proof air purifier powered by German technology. Founded by by a group of technology experts and filtration engineers, you can be assured that Luftonic is top notch. With a team passionately driven to create the most powerful, efficient, and medical-grade air purifiers comes the Luftonic LC 8 Series Plasma Air Purifier. And it is unlike anything the market has seen before.


Viruses and bacteria don’t stand a chance inside the Luftonic LC 8 Series Plasma Air Purifier. Unlike HEPA filters that keep the microorganisms inside, this air purifier eradicates them completely.

Hidden inside the sleek and minimal design is a beast of a machine that runs with a monastic silence. Cased inside a medical-grade, all-aluminium metal body, the Luftonic Air Purifier is extremely powerful with everything you’d ever need to sterilize the air in your space. From pollen, dust, odors, smoke, mites, dander to PM2.5 particles, germs and more microscopic entities, consider them all gone with the Luftonic Air Purifier. It kills 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, and other ultra-fine particles that can harm you.

Unlike its competitors that pride themselves in using HEPA filters (which has been proven to be ineffective in killing viruses and bacteria, it merely stores them) Luftonic is already technologically way beyond with their LEP 8-stage filtration technology. Instead of just capturing the viruses and bacteria, it kills and sterilizes them from doing any further damage. Luftonic’s heavy-duty filters are also washable, making them less wasteful and cheaper to maintain than HEPA filters that are light-duty, degrade, and lose their effectiveness after four to six months.

With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 600m3/hr, its particle filtration is superb as the standard CADR is 300m3/hr. It covers a range of 100sqm, more than triple of other commercial air purifiers, making them a favorite amongst offices and homes. On top of all of this, he air purifier is built with very advanced state-of-the-art electrical parts making it energy-efficient, running at 25-35 watts at most.

Among the filtration systems inside, it is worth noting that the Luftonic Air Purifier is equipped with LED UVC Lamps (effective against SARS and MERS), High-Voltage Plasma Field (generates 20,000 to 40,000 volts to destroy viruses and bacteria), and Negative Ions (further sterilizes the air inside your space), all of which have been credited to effectively kill the Coronavirus and improve overall air quality. Luftonic prides itself in being one of the very few air purifiers that can effectively kill the Coronavirus strain, easily making it a bestseller amongst doctors and medical practitioners.


“We brought in this state-of-the-art Luftonic Air Purifier to be of service to Filipino doctors and hospitals throughout the country,” shares Luftonic Philippines President Aldrin Derrick Chua. “We understand that the COVID-19 virus is very deadly with significant numbers succumbing, that’s why we are giving it to our frontliners almost at cost and have donated several units as well. We will continue playing our role to stop this pandemic and help bring the country back to its feet!”

A majority of Luftonic Air Purifiers sold locally quickly find themselves inside luxury resorts, hospitals, and clinics, helping both patients and practitioners in the frontlines of this pandemic. Luftonic is trusted and prescribed by doctors, which is why it is quickly finding its way into other commercial spaces and even inside private homes.

Jardin Wong, COO of Golden Bay Land Holdings, one the best boutique developers in the country, had all their high-rise developments equipped with Luftonic Air Purifiers after seeing the results inside his own home. “We first heard of Luftonic from our doctor,” Wong shares. “After 2 days of using it the air at home feels significantly fresher. We’ve decided to put a Luftonic Air Purifier in all of our developments and restaurants, no other air purifier comes close to making the air safer.”

Wong is part of a huge pool of extremely satisfied customers who have seen the amazing effects of Luftonic’s air purifying technology. While there are many alternatives out there, nothing can come close to the best. Investing in an air purifier is not only investing in your home, it’s investing in your health who shares the space with you, and that is truly priceless.