Designed and Engineered using German Technology

Luftonic LC 8 Series Plasma Air Purifier
LEP 8-Stage Filtration Technology

Unbeaten level of purification that captures up to 99.99% of harmful ultra-fine particles and viruses.

50x more powerful than HEPA

Effectively destroys airborne particles of up to 0.001 microns. Significantly better than conventional HEPA filters.

Energy Efficient

Our team of filtration engineer designed this with state-of-the-art technology and parts – making it effective and energy efficient using a power of just 25w.

Powerful clean air delivery rate of 600m³/h

Effectively purifiers a whole room at a very fast rate, no matter the inflow and outflow of people.

Washable filters

No need to spend another dime on expensive HEPA filters that need to be replaced every 4-6 months.

All aluminum medical grade body

Heavy-duty and durable. Air purifiers that can stand the test of time.

Acoustically designed

You will hardly know it’s there. No noise, average level of 25 decibels only.

Smart control mode

With our auto mode button, you can your Luftonic run for 24/7. Makes monitoring easy as well.

Large area coverage of up to 100sqm

Covers up to 100 sq.m. of any area. Triple that of commercial purifiers.

Draught-free diffused mode

Purifiers any area without the draught.



This is a really superb product. Really helped in our clinical operations and make our workplace coronavirus-free

Doctor at St. Luke's Medical Center

Luftonic has really been a great help to our firm. This has helped in our overall biosecurity due to it's high CADR making it really safe for our office especially with the influx and outflux of our employees

General Contractor Manager

Luftonic LC8
Plasma Air Purifier