LEP® Technology

Beyond traditional ionic technology, Luftonic’s patented LEP®technology is tested as the most effective clean air solution on the market. Luftonic is a waste free clean air solution. The unique ionic field is proven to effectively kill and remove 99.99% of viruses and bio-aerosols.


Removal of indoor smoke, viruses and bio-aerosols, PM2.5 and ultra-fine particles down to 0.001μm, and total volatile organic compounds


LEP® > Ionic > HEPA

Terminates vs Collects

Ordinary HEPA filters can only trap unwanted air pollutants, which means said polutants such as pollen and dust will accumulate and remain within the filter until the filters are changed. However, these collected pollutants could escape back into the air! Moreover, humidity and warmer temperatures cause mold and bacteria to grow in HEPA filters, which then creates bad odors and even hazardous waste as a result. Luftonic's washable filters solved this problem by creating an easy clean system that is safe and effective. Just wash with soap and water. Luftonic's filtration technology destroys all the collected air pollutants, preventing them from circulating back into the air.

Saves Money

Traditional air purifiers use HEPA filters, that need to be replaced every 3 - 6 months. The maintenance costs of buying HEPA filter replacement can reach upto $500 per year. Luftonic Air Purifier saves you money with its washable, reusable filter, making Luftonic the most economical option for clean air.

More Effective

CCM (cumulative cleaning mass) is the technical term for how much filth a HEPA could trap before it loses 50% efficiency. For a typical HEPA air purifier, lab researchers have quantified 45 cigarettes smoke would yield failure. To add some perspective, after 440 cigarettes, about 10x more than HEPA’s 45, the cleaning capacity of Luftonic Air Purifier for smoke only drops – 0.2%! That means Luftonic can take 10x more smoke and stay 50x stronger in cleaning capacity.


Luftonic purifiers are engineered with a waste-free design. This means you do not have to keep changing HEPA filters which are made of dangerous fiberglass material that is damaging to our environment. Plus, you save on money and hassle from the constant changing of HEPA filters common with traditional purifiers.

Ditch the HEPA

Waste-free, hassle-free, and energy efficient. Imagine having this convenience and saving the environment. Never spend another dime in expensive HEPA filters that need to be constantly changed for it to retain its effectivity. With our proprietary designed filters and collecting plates, you will save on money, time, and our environment.

Luftonic LC8
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