Why Do Doctors Use The Luftonic Air Purifier?

Why Do Doctors Use The Luftonic Air Purifier?

Published by Isabel Martel Francisco - December 18, 2020

These days we are all on the hunt for easy ways to live comfortable, and safe lifestyles. 2020’s turn of events has made being able to secure our home, loved ones and work-place from germs our utmost priority.

We wanted to find out why doctors found comfort in the Luftonic Air Purifier specifically to help us understand why making the investment in a medical grade purifier if worth it. We spoke to Dr. Cristina Puyat, Dr. Gwendolyn Wong and Dr. Don Apollino Magadina to hear what they had to say:


Dr. Puyat (who has her own eponymously named dermatology clinic in Medical Plaza, Ortigas) tells us that she chose the Luftonic purifier because it met her standards with its 8 stage filtration, plus plasma and UV technology. In concurrence, Dr. Wong (head of the dermatopathology unit of St. Luke's Medical Center) explained to us that its system has the capacity to filter up to 0.001microns, meaning that it is highly likely to filter out coronavirus particles. Dr. Magadia, (who has his own practice, Magadia Dental, in Rockwell) on the other hand “was in search for something that can eliminate very small air particles, most importantly SARS-CoV-2 that has a particle size of 0.3.” He adds that it was one of the only ones he found with a ULPA, plasma filter and UVC lamp combined. “As a dentist, I feel safer knowing that aside from having an ULPA technology, it comes with a plasma purifier and UVC lamp that are designed to destroy pathogenic particles” Dr. Magadia states. To have three doctors give the Luftonic Air Purifier their seal of approval from a medical perspective has made this brand top of mind.